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Worldwide Missions


The missionaries that we support are all around the world. We have 46 missionaries in 24 countries

throughout this globe, and Alaska. The flags that are listed below represent

each country of the missionaries. The majority of our missionaries are trained through the Baptist

Bible Fellowship International, Springfield, Mo. We are also honored to support missionaries

though other mission organizations such as, CMC,  Windsor Hills Baptist Church Missions, GIBM, and L.A.M.P.

During our Missions Conference in March 2017, the members of West Side Baptist

have promised close to $45,000  through our Faith Promise Missions program and were able to increase

our mission family by 5 families..






       Australia                         Russia                        Philippines                      S. Korea                  Tanzania


         Ukraine                            India                     Hong Kong                      Jamaica                       Mexico

                              Mongolian flag 

       Nicaragua                          Peru                             France                   Costa Rica                     Mongolia

                              Indiana state flag Indiana state flag Click for detailed Indiana Flag Click for detailed Indiana Flag   

Belgium                            Brazil                            Burkina Faso                       Kenya      


          Alaska                 Dominican Republic                 Spain                       Cambodia                       Wales





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